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Our team is a one-stop solution for all of your low voltage systems needs. No more dealing with multiple companies to reach your project goals. We offer and maintain the highest standard of quality for services including professional design, budgeting, project management, equipment procurement, and installation management. 

“Today’s Health care facilities rely on data, voice, and other medical communication technologies and depend on these systems to provide excellent patient care.
These systems are an essential, “life-critical” utility for hospitals. The convergence of these systems continues to increase the demand and need for well-designed systems.”
– FGI Guidelines 2018

The rise in the digitization of healthcare information for analytics, patient care, and strategic business decisions has created an enormous need for thoughtful, well-designed communication systems in these facilities. We have complete solutions from design concept to installation.

Below is a list of the systems in which we have expertise. We can engineer and design these systems to provide sealed floorplans for construction, renovation, or small projects. We can issue bids for all of these systems, analyze the bids, and help a client negotiate the best pricing possible to assist in vendor selection. We know the major vendors for these systems and have developed strong relationships with many of them. Also, we can procure any of these systems or equipment. We can issue POs on a client's behalf, oversee the installation of cable and equipment; and, ensure that everything is done to the specified building & engineering code.

  • Voice & Data

  • Nurse Call

  • Real Time Locating Services

  • Security

  • Overhead Paging/Intercom Systems
  • Audio/Visual

  • Emergency Radio Systems

  • Entertainment/Education Systems

  • Infant Security

We can source and procure your equipment.

  • Networking Hardware 

  • PCs

  • Desktop Computers

  • Printers

  • Barcode Readers 

  • Servers 

  • Routers

  • Cable Management 

  • Phones

  • Televisions

Analyzing the architectural plans, equipment plans, and operational plans are essential to the success and health of the transition of your low voltage systems to a new space. Successful master facility planning requires expertise in construction, design, and operational plan.

With over 20 years in business, our design services are crafted with quality and care.

Contact us to learn how we use our experience and knowledge to create a cohesive design that

works specifically for your systems needs.