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Over 30 years of Technology Consulting Experience


There is no need to deal with multiple companies to reach your project goals. Through hundreds of projects we have built strong, trusted relationships with leading manufacturers for any of your system planning or equipment procurement needs.

Conceptual and Master Planning 


Professional Design 

System Selection/Bid Letting

Equipment Procurement 

Vendor and Project Management

Installation and Certification Management





Low Voltage & Communication Systems

We help our clients plan, design and implement their low voltage and communication systems for new construction and renovations. We can provide support to your team by managing your system selections, design, budgeting, writing & letting bid specifications, contract negotiations, and more. We also provide project management, serving on your behalf to coordinate, procure, and manage your vendors installation to maintain your schedule and budget. We ensure all low voltage cabling systems meet local and state codes to pass all inspections required. We primarily work in the healthcare space and provide extensive knowledge in nurse call, communication, and security systems.

We consult with clients under-going new construction and/or renovations on communication systems including the following:

  • Nurse Call

  • Voice/Data

  • Overhead Paging

  • Phone Systems

  • HUGS

  • Security Systems

  • CCTV Systems

  • A/V Systems

  • Televisions

CT Scan Machine

Medical Equipment Planning and Procurement


We can provide comprehensive existing equipment inventories as well as new build Owner Furnished Equipment books. We coordinate with architects, designers, and contractors to ensure that the owner provided medical equipment is designed for, procured, and installed correctly. 

  • Obtain quotes for Type 1, 2 & 3 Medical Equipment 

  • Develop Equipment Delivery Schedule 

  • Issue Purchase Orders 

  • Track Purchase Orders 

  • Respond to “Request for Information” (RFI’s) correspondence 

  • Revise Equipment Delivery Schedule as required 

  • Manage Budget through project completion 

  • Coordinate delivery/installation with Type 1 Medical Equipment vendors 

  • Coordinate storage and delivery of all Type 2 and 3 Medical Equipment 

  • Final Vendor coordination 

  • Attend OAC Meetings virtually as required 

Contact us to learn how we use our experience and knowledge to create a cohesive design that
works specifically for your systems needs. 

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